Colour Directory

Here at Rope Headquarters I currently stock 89 colours.  EIGHTY NINE! I shouldn’t be allowed near any papermills/stationers for the foreseeable future.  Anyway, this enables me to  have a good crack at producing pieces in whatever selection you are hankering for.  What do you think? Are you a sucker for turquoise, or does orange make you swoon?

All of my colours are pictured here,but you can be as specific as you wish.  If in doubt, drop me a line! I'm happy to chat and recommend.

Please note, reproduction of colour for display purposes is notoriously difficult.  On screen displays can never fully show the true colour on offer and they vary enormously from device to device. If in doubt, please contact me and I will do my best to answer any questions about the brightest yellow or the mossiest green.



Adriatic Azure Blue Cobalt Imperial Blue Lagoon Tabriz Blue Cool Blue New Blue Royal Blue Sapphire Haze Turquoise Aquamarine 2 Aquamarine 1 Cornflower Wedgewood Indigo Amethyst1 Purple Amethyst2 Lavender 2 Lavender 1 Candy Pink Pink Ice Fuchsia Pink Magenta Raspberry Claret Bright Red 1 Bright Red 2 Vermillion Poppy Scarlet Crimson Deep Orange Pale Peach Mandarin 1 Mandarin 2 Mango Citrine Solar Pineapple Factory Yellow Lemon Sorbet Yellow Pistachio Powder Green Park Green Apple Lime Spring Green Lockwood Green Emerald Moss Mid green Forest Racing Green Ebony Nero Dark Grey 2 Dark Grey 1 Smoke Platinum Real Grey Pale Grey Cool Grey Bright White Ice White Mist Natural Pristine White Vellum White White Frost Meringue Soft White Rose Grey Stone 1 Stone 2 Oatmeal Harvest Nubuck Brown Bagdad Brown Bitter Chocolate Tuscan Brown Suede Honey Latte Vanilla China White