About Me

Cutting holes in paper.  A simple idea, but one that has endless possibilities!

I tried papercutting a few years ago and fell in love with it. Gradually cutting away with a scalpel and watching a piece take shape is captivating, and I still love to produce pieces that draw you in and make you want to look closer at the intricate detail.  Over the years I have commissioned countless pieces of hand cut art, and I still take great delight in the oohs, aahs and even tears (happy tears!) that I've seen and heard about when people receive their special piece.

In order to produce prints of my papercut pieces, I realised I needed more skills in digital design. I upskilled myself and set about trying some new ideas!

I always wanted to experiment with lights in my cuts, knowing what fascinating shadows and effects can be made. From this experimentation, my Christmas Fairy light frames were born and were hugely popular. In 2020 these developed into my acrylic pieces, which need just a small battery tealight to create a wonderful warm, personalised piece of art for your home or for a gift. I have started to develop some of these for all year round occasions too. These items are designed to be machine cut, meaning I can offer an affordable, everyday choice for everyone alongside my hand cut heirloom pieces for those special occasions. 

Currently, alongside commissions I am developing a range of cards, many of which can be personalised. Many of these designs started from an original handcut piece! Watch this space! 

So, whether you chose a unique hand-drawn, hand-cut papercut, a personalised machine cut bringing a warm glow to your surroundings, or a card for that special message, Rope Papercuts is all about me, cutting holes in paper, making beautiful art especially for you.

If you ever lose me, just follow the trail of teeny bits of paper...